FunkyCitizen (Bucarest)

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Precious architectural jewel, Colivia is a small but lively 120 years old noble house. It is respectfully inhabited by a young crew called Funky Citizens. It is their place of work and play. Their style is chaotic good, their events are warm and fun, open to everybody. They believe in transparency and facts over emotions. They work on - the first and only fact-checking platform in Romania. They do a lot of civic education materials for all groups of citizens. They are experts in the way the public money is being spent. They love data visualizations and infographics as tools to get your point across. They have a registry of big corrupt politicians. They also work on the serious side: complex policy papers and analysis. They do all that they do with the single purpose of having more and more involved citizens who know their rights and use them to make their cities better.

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